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Enjoy individual growth!

Let's increase the communication of children and smiles

with children
Change your communication patterns

I scold you for the same thing every day

I'm too busy to spare and just giving instructions

You spend more time getting angry than praising

● Partner does not cooperate

●I scolded him harshly, but did he get it across properly? !

Do you find yourself reflecting on your day with your child before going to bed at night?

Developed by a Finnish psychiatrist, the “Enjoy individual education!”

Let's learn


Program overview

The program will be completed in 5 sessions.
Each session is 2 hours.

Each session is a hands-on program that focuses on the points that everyone worries about when interacting with children, learns practical methods for solving them through work, and deepens understanding through discussions. You can practice right from your home or office. ​


“You did it! ~ Effectively recognize children and encourage them to grow in the direction you want them to grow ~”

・Experience effective ways of praising in order to continue and strengthen the child's desired behavior.


2nd time:
"Come on! Escape from ~Skillfully Conveying Requests from Adults~"

・Don't you ever get in trouble because your child refuses to listen or resists when you try to change his behavior? I will tell you how to get your child's ears to you and how to convey your wishes well.

3rd time:
“Together in the same direction! ~ Building a cooperative relationship between adults ~”
・It is common for children to disagree with other adults. Build partnerships with other adults to help solve parenting problems.

"Problem solving with children! ~Mini kids skills~"
・Introduce simple steps that children can use to help them overcome various problems and difficulties. It is a method that draws out the power that children have and solves problems while having fun with them.

“Punish or not? ~Response to children who behave inappropriately”
Teach children to take responsibility for their actions when they do something wrong or prohibited.
I will tell you the procedure and let you experience it.

​☆ For those who participated in all times,

You will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from the Finnish Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute and Kids Solution.


Future schedule



Enjoy individual growth! It is a member who spreads together.

All over Japan, each facilitator enjoys raising children! is held.

If you would like to take "Enjoy individual education", if you are interested, or if you would like this facilitator to teach you, please find a facilitator near you and contact us.

*In order to become a facilitator, it is necessary to enter the Enjoy Individual Raising Facilitator Training Course.

If you are interested, please contact us by pressing the button below.

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