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​Kids Skills

Turn problems into opportunities for growth

​​ To those who are worried about children

No child has a "problem"
All you need is "skill"

Parenting is full of worries and troubles.

They don't clean up, don't do their homework, are restless, forget a lot of things, have trouble making friends, get angry when they get angry, and so on.

Developed by a Finnish psychiatrist, "Kids Skills" allows parents to discuss their concerns with their children, incorporate their ideas, and solve them in a fun, game-like way.

​Kids Skills is a program that believes in the potential of children and works with parents and children while exercising their creativity.

Information on study sessions, seminars, etc.


Basic edition, application edition, others

Various stages of seminars to learn about kids skills,

We offer workshops.

Introductory edition by Mr. Ben: A seminar to learn the origin and effect of kids skills

(2 hours delivery video)


Basics: A small-group seminar that allows you to "skill conversion" in the 15 steps(held irregularly)

Application version: A program that enhances motivation for skill learning through creativity and playfulness of parents and children (held irregularly)​



kids skill method
practice with a counselor
(parent-child counseling)

I want to try kids skills, but I'm not sure if I can do it well.

I would like to have counseling with my child.

We provide counseling according to customer needs.

*Currently, we are only accepting counseling via ZOOM.

First time: Hearing, meeting on how to proceed (30 minutes): 3000 yen

After the second time: From skill conversion, we will do kids skills together according to each person's pace. (5000 yen/time)

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