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Study Group

To support children in a solution-oriented way...

Even people who do not know the solution orientation can

constructive towards the goalcan have a conversation

It is possible to coordinate by pointing the vector in the same direction

​ Reduces the burden on teachers

And we can all support our children.

I want to put such a meeting sheet in the educational field.

This is a study group that started with the thought of an elementary school teacher.

From Hokkaido in the north and Okinawa in the south,

school teachingStaff, counselor, welfare university professor, psychiatrist

members such asWe gather online once a month and share the sheet

improve,It is said that it will be improved while verifying the effect by using it

​ is working.

Introduction of the study group

History so far

2022​ Summer: Mr. Omori, an elementary school teacher in Nara, as a support coordinator for truant children,

I wanted to create a solution-oriented meeting sheet, so I consulted Valley of ​Kids Solutions.

→ Valley created a sheet based on Mr. Andrew Turnell's Signs of Safety.

September 2022: At the voluntary symposium of the Japan Society for Brief Psychotherapy,

​ Mr. Yasutaka Omori, an elementary school teacher in Nara Prefecture, and Yukako Valley presented their current efforts.

→ We recruited friends to improve the seat together.

September 2022: Recruiting Solutionland members to participate in sheet making

October 2022: The first study meeting was held with the people who gathered.

December 2022: Principal Akihiro Naito of an elementary school in Furano, Hokkaido created an improved meeting sheet (Ver.1)

January 2023: Mr. Yuichi Takenouchi, the organizer of Solutionland, created a further improved version (Ver.2)

February 2023: Ver.1 and Ver.2 above will be trialed on-site and distributed to relevant parties.

Join us!
don't participate in the study groupyeahmosquito?

Why not use a sheet?

Those who are interested in the research group

If you would like to use the sheet

Please contact us.

I will share the information here later.

The current date of the workshop is

​ from 8:30 pm on the first Friday of every month.


Thank you for sending

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