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​Doctor Kiyoshi


Like Ben, I love to have fun


See the good rather than the bad,

find joy in the midst of pain,

I want to live as comfortably as possible.

Because people make the world as they think.

If you think you are unhappy, you will find many sources of unhappiness.

When you think you are happy, good things overflow around you.

If my children don't see it as a problem,

how shining it looks

Oh happy.

Doctor​Kiyoshi no Kokoro Medical Journal

medication in moderation. After that, solution-oriented brief therapy and

If you listen to the story in naikan The patient's life will change.

A clinical essay full of cases and tips.

If you show your doctor's authority, the medical interview will not go well.

If you don't take medicine as you wish or pay attention to your lifestyle habits, your health will deteriorate quickly.

If you steer clear of medical comments, the doctor's authority will eventually come to the fore, and you will want to make the patient obey...

The life story of a doctor at a psychosomatic medicine clinic who studied psychotherapy and, as a result of struggles and ups and downs, came close to the ideal treatment, and the patients who gathered there. I would like to look back on my daily medical care centered on contact with patients. As the title suggests, this book is a record of my daily medical practice. A transcript of the conversation is made daily and the reflections are collected in hindsight. This book presents 22 stories. I try to help the people who come to me for consultation to feel better. I will explain how it works, showing my movements so that even non-experts can understand. I inserted it as my monologue in the transcript. I am clarifying my intentions as to why I asked such a question.

I hope that this book will help you understand what is important and what can be ignored. (From "Introduction" of this book)



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