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​For those aiming to acquire qualifications

After completing the qualification training course of Kids Skill Japan,
Published by the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute (HBTI), Finland
You can acquire various qualifications.
If you want to spread kids skills, please join us.

kids skills

Practice and spread kids skills
I am qualified to do so.
・ I want to master kids skills
・ I want to be able to practice properly
・ I want to use it for counseling and coaching
Etc., if you are interested
Please see the certification process below.
Please contact us.


skill full class

Kids Skills in Class Management

Why not take it in?

・Skill improvement for each person

・Skill improvement for the whole class

​Both are viable.


Enjoy Individual Raising

“Enjoy individual training” that facilitates communication with a solution-oriented approach.
If you would like to spread the word in Japan together, please contact us.
After completing the training course, you will be able to hold 2 hours x 5 sessions yourself as an HBTI certified facilitator.

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