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kids skills

- Children's problems

Opportunities to develop thinking skills-

No child has problems.

You just have the skills to learn/remember.

Finnish psychiatrist Ben Furman

Developed with special needs class teachers,

Solving children's problems with a solution-oriented approach

fun solving programis.


- Can be applied to any problem

・Anyone can practice in 15 steps

-Focus on skills, not problems

・More fun time with children

​・Easier to build cooperative relationships between adults related to children

・By doing this repeatedly, you will gain the ability to face difficulties positively.

・Develop children's independence, creativity and individuality

​・The ability to think for yourself grows

Draw out the child's natural strength

turn difficulties into opportunitiesGet power!

Introduction of programs related to Kids Skills

There are the following programs related to Kids Skills.
Kids Solutions is recognized by the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute,
As the only official educational and accreditation institution in Japan
We provide training and certification.


kids skills

in 15 steps

Fun problem-solving program

children's problem-solving skills,

Develop the ability to think for yourself.

Problems at home, school, lessons,

If you are having trouble dealing with your child,

It can also be used to support children with developmental disabilities. ​

スキルフルクラス 画像.jpg

skill full class
(Kids skills for groups)

Class management and kids skills,

Programs that apply to groups

​ made specifically for elementary school,

Kids skills, a version for classes. everyone in the class works together

engage in skill learning


Enjoy individual growth!

Solution-oriented and smooth communication,

programs that make it more enjoyable

​A program that facilitates communication in daily life based on a solution-oriented approach.

It is a hands-on seminar of 2 hours for each theme, handling 5 themes. It is useful not only for child-rearing, but also for human resource development and relationships with people in general. ​

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